The default WordPress dashboard is pretty bland with only a few widgets that aren’t super helpful. Thankfully with all the free plugins out there, you can liven up your dashboard in a jiffy.

These are some of my personal favorites that I run on many of my WordPress websites. You probably won’t want all of them but if you do wanna jazz up your admin dashboard then check out this list and see which plugins stand out.

Broken Link Checker

Having this plugin in your WP CMS enable to start parsing your posts, bookmarks, etc. and looking for links, It takes some minutes to several hours to complete the task, depent on this site’s size

Once parsing is completed, Broken link checker starts checking each link abd verify whether it works or not.


5+ Best Free WordPress Dashboard Plugins Quick Page Post Redirect Plugin

Redirection is another remarkable WordPress plugin that used for managing 301 redirections, and keep track of 404 errors.

This plugin is useful when you are migrating pages from old websites or going to change the directory of your WordPress installation.

Error Log Monitor

Error Log Monitor WordPress Dashboard Plugins
An indispensable WordPress plugin, WP admin bar shows links to the administration panel at the top of the blog’s page – for those users, who are logged in and gave permission to see the given functions.

Keyword Statistics

Search keyword Statistics is a simple and useful plugin
Optimize your WordPress blog for search engines by installing keyword statistics. It automatically generates meta information such as keyword, description, etc. that required for SEO of your blog.

Simple Tags


Simple tags is one of the best tools for managing your WP tags in the most convenoent ways. This plugin is better known for best performance, secured and provides more functions.

Plugin Manager

Plugin Manager

Add plugins manager in your WordPress and view, download and install any plugins from through an AJAX’ed interface rather than downloading, extracting and uploading each plugin manually.

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