Whether you want to build a company or branding yourself, you just need a website. A website helps you to reach to your desired consumers. Building a website was hard in the past. But WordPress has made it super easy for you to build a website. You don’t need to be a big coder in order to build a website using WordPress. If you have basic computing skills then you can build a website through WordPress. A theme plays an important role in a website. Without a perfect theme, you can’t attract your user’s attention. There are two types of themes. These are a premium theme and free theme. So, in this article, you will get an idea of best WordPress free themes for 2019


Best Free WordPress Theme

You can build any type of website using this theme. This theme is providing multipurpose facilities for a website. Flash has a plugin named flash toolkits with 11 + widgets. You can easily build a webpage on-site origin’s page builder plugin using these widgets. Besides if you don’t have content in your website then flash will provide you demo content also. So, it’s truly a free responsive theme with a lot of facilities.


Free Responsive WordPress Themes

Hestia is the perfect theme for building business related websites. It also serves small businesses like restaurants, wedding planners, sports, medical shops etc. Besides, woo-commerce and startups businesses can easily rank on Google for its SEO friendly functionality. The user interface of Hestia is beautiful, modern and multifunctional. So, this theme is highly recommended for businesses.


Best Free WordPress Themes 2018

This theme has got a professional look with a responsive layout. It helps freelancers around the world to create a fabulous online presence. Sydney has an amazing feature that is called customization ability. So, any user can access Google fonts, full-color control, and many more options. You can use two versions of Sydney theme. One is a free version and another is paid version. Paid version can offer many additional features and functions. The best part about Sydney is its beautiful animations. So, Sydney will help you to create your dream website.

Anariel lite

If you are a fashion enthusiast blogger then no theme is better than anariel lite for you. It is a stylish theme build for lifestyle or fashion blogs. You can optimize your blog on Google ranking for its SEO friendly feature. On the other hand, it’s a lite version. So, firstly you can launch your blog for a test drive. Then you can decide whether it is good for you or not. It is a fully responsive design theme. So, this theme will be working on all devices like mobile, tablet and desktop. In brief, this stylish theme will help you to become the most attractive fashion blogger in the industry.


Just Free WordPress Theme

Orfeo is also used for creating business websites. It’s a one-page design with modern features and functionality. You can easily promote your business campaign with the help of Orfeo. Orfeo is easily customizable. So that, you can easily make changes to the website. Don’t worry about not having any content on your website. Orfeo has demo content for you. So, you can easily launch your site on living.

Zerif lite

zerif lite wordpress theme

Zerif lite is a polished and unprecedented theme. It’s the finest example of bootstrap word press free theme. The background is filled with a wide length image. Woo commerce businesses and digital agencies can use this theme. Besides, this theme has provided clean and validated code. So, there will be no interruption in optimizing the site in the search engine. So, in order to make a huge profit in your business, choose zerif lite undoubtedly.


Free WordPress Ecommerce Theme

Shoplsle is a woo commerce shop based theme. It is also called a one-page business site. You can do any kind of online businesses with shoplsle. Online stores like clothing, electronics can be easily built with this theme. The design of the interface is simple and user readable. That’s why; it can enhance the value of the content. So, for building an online business from scratch, shoplsle is the best-suited option for you.


ColorMag is a perfect responsive magazine style WordPress theme.

ColorMag is the most suitable option for publishing sites like magazines, newspapers etc. This theme is a magazine-style design. It’s a content friendly site. So, it can fit any topic that you want to write about. ColorMag is woo commerce correlative. You can customize the color of the site whenever you want. You can create various types of demos. So, colormag is undoubtedly a perfect theme for your classic magazine site.


Allegiant Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Allegiant is a one-page business theme. It was used for any kind of business purposes. You can also use it for startups, agencies, portfolios and many other reasons. The user interface is built in such a way that it can grab the attention of its users. It’s a custom typography. So, the readers can find comfort while visiting the site. So, in a word, Allegiant is a total combination of perfection and creative efforts.

AccessPress Parallax

AccessPress Parallax Free Parallax One page WordPress Theme

Access press parallax is fully based on parallax design. Parallax design is nowadays one of the most popular designs in the free theme industry. The theme is easily customizable. It has some amazing features like advance theme option panel, featured layouts slider, advance post settings, Google map integration, SEO friendly and many more others. This theme will help you to grow your creative or corporate business. So, Access press parallax theme is also a must try for you.

One page lite

OnePage Lite Free One Page WordPress Theme

One page lite is a very clean designed free word press theme. It has unlimited colors. You can create a beautiful homepage. The homepage contains portfolio, services, clients, testimonial, contact, counter and many other features. It’s a 100% responsive one-page layout. The homepage is designed with two strategic calls to action button. The theme is SEO friendly. So, you can easily optimize your site and get your potential clients.

One press

OnePress - Free One-Page Business WordPress Theme

One press is the finest example of bootstrap 4-word press theme. It’s a one-page design with elegant and fabulous appearance. It can fit into any businesses like startups, corporate or creative businesses, digital agencies, product showcases and various online firms. It’s highly responsive page with SEO friendly feature. A user can easily customize it and can create some outstanding business websites.


Free Masonry WordPress Theme

Oblique is kind of an architectural design. This theme is supposed to be for personal bloggers or fashion bloggers. It has got great features. It has unlimited color variations. It’s a minimalist word press theme with clean code, custom backgrounds, translation ready, SEO friendly and many more facilities. So, if you want to brand your own self then oblique is your first choice.


Astrid free WordPress Theme Review

Astrid is fully business theme. Whether you have a small business or big, Astrid can correlate with any of them. It’s a modern and elegant design with a full-width header image. That’s why; it will fulfill all the creative and corporate purposes. Besides, Astrid can operate on any devices. So, you have a chance to grab a large number of mobile device users. Astrid has a responsive design, custom widgets, translation ready, page templates and many more to come.


Spacious - Free Responsive Business WordPress Theme 2018

Spacious is truly a multipurpose full theme. It can accomplish many tasks within a website. Spacious maintained a great standard of content in the site. So, it can’t hold a larger space in the site. Spacious can be used for any kind of site whether it is business or blogging. With the extraordinary and sophisticated features of spacious, one can easily create and launch site with a prompt time. Summing up, spacious will help you to reach out to your desired customers and serving them better user experience.

RokoPhoto Lite

Rokophoto Best Free Photography WordPress Theme

If photography is your passion and you want to brand yourself in the photographic industry, then rokoPhoto Lite is the perfect theme for you. It’s a stylish photoblog theme. This theme will capture your photographs in the best possible way. That’s why; it will attract your visitors. You can also launch a photograph buying and sell website. Because rokoPhoto Lite is a woo commerce compatible theme. So, your business will be generating a huge profit because of the theme. It’s a lite version and translation ready theme. So, you can test launch as many times as you want. So, photographers should use this theme for their website.


Zillah wordpress themes

Zillah is a single purpose theme. Zillah is made for the bloggers. Blogging themes are based on content. If your content is good then you will get your visitors. But, on the other hand, you won’t attract your desired customers without providing great contents in your blog. The design of the Zillah theme has based upon content, not on the fancy design and other unnecessary styles. The simplicity of Zillah is the biggest feature of this theme. This theme will help your content get more views. Zillah is a fully responsive and free page builder theme. So, the mobile users won’t face any difficulty in browsing the site. Besides, the theme is fully customizable. You can change any of the options in the theme. So, a user can give a personal touch into the design of the theme. That’s differentiating it from the other themes. The theme also loads fast and provides all the user readable facilities.




The restaurant business is one of the most popular businesses. Nowadays many restaurant owners need websites in order to promote and grow their business. Not only restaurants but also café, bars, and bistros also need websites for the enrichment of their business. So, restaurant theme will help them in order to achieve their purpose. Restaurant theme is a fully responsive and SEO friendly theme. Besides, the design of the theme is fully simple and customizable. Because restaurant owners are so much busy in managing their business. So, they need an easy method to maintain their website. They can easily customize it in their own way and seek the attention of their desired consumers.


WordPress theme for developers

Latte is a business theme. You can use this theme for any kind of businesses that you want. It’s a parallax scrolling design. It helps a business owner to promote any kind of business sites. It’s a fully responsive design. From big screens computer to small screens mobile, a latte is supported by all the devices. Latte also helps freelancers, designers, and developers to build their portfolio and showcase them to their desired customers. So, latte also helps individual people to build their career in the best possible way. Latte is easily customizable. You can customize everything from the word press customizer. So, a user can add as many features as he wants. Besides, he Also has the option to edit or delete the unnecessary features.


IsleMag - Free Colorful Magazine WordPress Theme

IsleMag is a carousel slider theme. It’s for magazine bloggers. Magazine bloggers always want catchy and stylish theme in order to gain the attention of the users. Isle mag is that desired theme that will seek the attention of the users. A user can display ads on the theme. Besides, you can link every kind of social media news feed into your theme. So, it will enhance the design of the magazine theme. There are unlimited colors available in this theme, so, you can use any of them in your desired way. It’s also fully responsive theme. So, you can attract all the users from any of the devices. So, in order to build a professional magazine website, isleMag is the perfect choice for you.


Bento - the Ultimate Free WordPress Theme

Bento is a multipurpose theme. You can build sites like from small blogs to big blogs or from small business to big business, anything that you want. There are unlimited opportunities for customization in this theme. So, you can customize as much as you want. You can visually build your content. Besides, it’s SEO friendly. So, you easily optimize it in the search ranking. It’s a woo commerce compatible theme. So, you can launch any type of business. There are unlimited types of color combination available in the theme. So, you can use different color variations. So, it will make your website looks attractive and clean. So, all the business owners and general people should at least try it once.


IonMag wordpress theme

IonMag is meant to be built for the news publishing industry. Blogs, magazines, News articles are publishing through this theme. This theme also supports video engagement. So, you can attach videos from YouTube, Vimeo and daily motion. These features create magical serenity into the theme. That will attract the desires. It’s a woo commerce compatible theme. So, you can do any kind of e-commerce business with the help of this theme. It’s easily customizable and fully responsive. So, you will get users from every device and you can also edit the design. You can give your own kind of shape into the theme. It is also translated into as many languages as you want. You can go the word press customizable option and select the language panel. Then you will translate into your desired language. So, this theme is a multipurpose and best choice for users.


Amadeus Free Clean & Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

Amadeus is a theme for personal blog. But you can use it for multipurpose reasons. From businesses to online shops, you can use this theme for any of the reason that you want. This theme also supports video embedded features. You can add videos from YouTube, Vimeo and daily motion any type that you want. This theme also supports social header features. So, you can add facebook, twitter, Instagram and other social sites. It will grab more users into your site. It’s also responsive and woo-commerce compatible. And you can also test drives into mobile devices before launching. If you are comfortable with the site then you can launch it. Otherwise, you have also other options available. So, this multipurpose website will serve its users in the way they desired.

Simple Shift

simple shift wordpress theme

A simple shift is a theme for small businesses. Whether it is creative or corporate, the theme will perfectly suit with any type of businesses. The simple shift is used can grow any business from scratch to a full-filled business. The simple shift is fully responsive. It can support all kinds of devices. Besides, simple is fully customizable. You can use the lite version. So, you can launch it for a test drive. If everything is suitable then you can use it for the better purpose. You can also use all the social icons. It’s a full parallax design. This parallax design will make the site fully stylish. Besides, the HTML code is clean. So, it will get good ranks in the search engine. So, all the business people must use this theme for growing their business.

Everly lite

Everly Lite free WordPress Theme

Everly lite is a theme for fashion and lifestyle bloggers. It’s a very responsive and retina layout theme. This theme is fully based on the content. In this theme, only your contents will speak. So, you need to put the best and great contents to attract the attention of your customers. You can also demo contents in this theme. There are four demos available. These are a default, grid, full width, and magazine. Photographers can show their great skills to this theme. They can create beautiful galleries to show their best photographs. Besides, typography has used to build this theme. Beautiful typographies make the theme so much classy and easy to use. So, this is also a nice theme option for fashion bloggers.


Download Naturelle free WordPress Theme

Naturelle is a theme for nature lovers. People who are really careful about nature and also have affection for nature must use this theme. It is a clean and modern theme for any startup. Besides, the whole design represents the nature. The theme is fully responsive. So, any devices can be fitted into this theme. On the other hand, this them is also browser compatible. There is a lot of browsers available in the industry. But this theme will support the entire browsers. The code is clean and validated. So, it will easily rank in the search engine. It is also woo-commerce compatible. So, any kind of business can be done through this theme. So, nature lover and other general people should try this theme for their website.


Phlox WordPress Theme designed

Pholx is a multipurpose theme. Whether you want to do business, personal blog or online shop, you can create any kind of site with this phlox theme. In recent, many people think that free themes are not good at all. They will not serve you the desired outcome. This statement is somehow true. But phlox is completely different in the crowd. Pholx can provide with all the latest and security features that a user wants. Pholx is fully responsive and browser compatible. Your site will be fitted into any type of screens. And you can view the site from any type of devices. You can customize the site anytime that without dirty your hand in coding. So, I will highly recommend this phlox for any type of site.

Ragnar Lite

Ragnar - WordPress Blog Theme

You can turn your dream to become a blogger into reality with Ragnar Lite. Ragnar Lite will help you to publish your content in the best design. Ragnar lite is famous for its elegant style and responsive layout. In recent times, blogging is so much popular. You can easily build your career with Ragnar Lite. It is a responsive theme with all the customizable options. It will show all the advertisements. So, you can earn a ton of money by putting ads into your site. It’s a parallax scrolling design. So, it will create enthusiasm for your readers. It is retina ready and six homepage alternatives. So, bloggers can choose without zero hesitation.

EightMedi Lite

Amazing Free Medical & Health WordPress Theme

The medical profession is one of the most renowned and well-established professions. It’s a noble virtue. So, medical professionals need the best website in order to serve their community. Eightmedi Lite is the most suitable option for medical professionals. It has a responsive homepage. All the options are fully customizable. You can customize according to your own shape. Besides, there are all the features available related to the medical profession. Like, for example, there are features appointment system, payment facilities etc. It’s a CSS3 animation with unlimited slider options. So, I will highly recommend this for all the medical professionals.

Lavander lite

Lavander Lite Free Lifestyle WordPress Blog Theme

Lavander lite is a lite version for writers and bloggers out there. Bloggers need websites in order to showcase their result. Lavender is a lite version. So, you can test to launch your website. Then you can choose as your own desired way. I’m a browser compatible theme. So, you can use this theme on any screen resolutions. It’s a one-page layout and has an elegant design. So, this kind of lavender lite site is always preferable for bloggers.


Summing up, many people think that free themes are useless and don’t have enough security policies. It’s a half-truth. But the aforementioned themes can give you the best experience that you have ever had. So, we should always be done proper inquiry in order to get the best WordPress free theme.

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