“Why Should I use WordPress?” that is one of the most popular questions.So in this article, we will talk about Top Reasons To Use WordPress.

1. Ease of use

WordPress is fairly easy to use for someone with no coding experience or development skills. The admin is easy to navigate, and there are lots of support forums if you are struggling. From software installation to site management, WordPress makes everything a breeze. Even if you’re a novice, you can get your site up and running in just a few minutes.

2. Thousands of theme

There is a WordPress theme for everything. From photography to eCommerce, you can find your perfect theme for every kind of website. Many themes are free, and allow you to customize your own site. What makes WordPress so powerful is its theme system and plugin architecture. With a variety of themes & plugin, you can make your site look and function as you like.

3. Blogging made easy

WordPress started as a blogging site, so there are some great blogging features for your site.

4. Google friendly

Hoving a WordPress site solves lots of SEO problems, and actually makes your site easier. Being a content first platform, WordPress has a very SEO-friendly nature that makes it easy for search engines to crawl and index a site’s content

 5. Responsive

The use of mobiles on the web is increasing. If your site isn’t mobile-friendly, people are going to skip your site and find one that is. WordPress offers themes that are usable on mobile, tablet and any other devices. The same goes for the admin, so you can easily manage your site from anywhere. and for this friendly responsive this is the Top Reasons To Use WordPress.

6. Safe and secure

WordPress is developed with security in mind. WordPress itself is very safe and secure, but it’s users often do not optimize the security. You can use security monitors to enhance the protection of your site.

7. Open-source

WordPress is free so you can install, use and modify it yourself. As it is community software, anyone can contribute, answering questions, creating themes, writing plugin and translating documentation. WordPress is an open source software, which means you’re allowed to use and alter the source code in any way to fit your business needs.

8. Awesome Plugin

There are over 5600+ plugins available to download your WordPress themes for free. The plugin can range from a simple contact form to a beautiful photo gallery, to a fully-functioning eCommerce system. This is another Top Reasons To Use WordPress. 

9. Multiple users

If you are using a web developer to help you with your site, you can still login yourself and add in content whenever you want to, as it’s easy to add as many users as you want. You never know when you may need to collaborate with multiple persons to keep your site up and running. So WordPress lets you easily do that.

10. Various Media

 You are not limited to text, and it’s easy to embed photographs, videos and sound files. You can also embed social media feeds, such as your twitter feed, latest Instagram posts, and Facebook.

11. Unrivaled Customization

Offering thousands of free and paid themes and plugin WordPress makes it easy for users to make their business site truly one of a kind.

12.  eCommerce Integration

Another genuine reason to use WordPress is its flawless eCommerce integration with an existing blog or website, in case you suddenly decide to sell online.

13. A Massive Community

If you get stuck somewhere, WordPress’ vibrant and supportive community is always there to help you. You can find answers to all questions via forums.

14. A growing Platform

Last but certainly not least, WordPress is getting better day by day. Since the day WordPress was launched, it has updated the overall times.

Rasel Ahmed

We started lifetimwp back in April 2018 for sharing web design resources like plugins, themes, templates & other inspirations on our blog for designers, developers & entrepreneurs who are working with web technologies so that they could find the right resources for their project. Besides that, we’ve released some awesome free WordPress themes on WordPress.org besides our own site to contribute in the web design industry.


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