SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is the process to make your web content easy to find and comprehend for search engines and users. When users search the search engines want to present search result to the users that are very relevant and if you optimize your content then it will be easier for search engines to display your content to the users given that your content is relevant to the particular search. If you optimize your website the chances of website ranking better in search results increases. So Let’s talk about 5 SEO Tips For WordPress Post. 

 1. Select The Right Keywords

1st SEO tips Keywords Selection

Keywords are specific words that users use to search online. When a user submits a search query, the search engines seek web pages which contain those keywords or phrases. Even though keywords and phrases are not the only criteria that search engines consider, but usually web pages that are optimized for the specific keywords are found to rank higher than those pages that do not have those keywords

 2. The Title Should Be Optimised

Title Optimize for wordpress

The best SEO Tips For WordPress Post is, The title that you use for your page or post must be relevant to the content. You must use keywords in your title and place them at the beginning as possible because search engines view titles as an indicator of the web page content. 

 3. Use Relevant Tags

Use Tags for SEO

Tags assist both search engines and visitors in finding specific information on your web page. When you add a blog entry, remember to add tags in “tags field”. Each tag must be targeted, specific and keyword rich. One can make use of keywords planner tool from google to find out which keywords to specifically use.

 4. Meta Description Should Be Optimized

Meta description is another SEO tips

The meta description is the description of the web page content and is usually presented to the searchers as snippets beneath the title in the search results.

The meta description should be written in a user-friendly way and should contain the keyword or phrase near the beginning. The maximum length of the meta description should be 156 characters.

 5. Have An XML Sitemap

XML Sitemap is best SEO Tips

The XML sitemap is a list of pages on your website. It assists the search engines to browse through your WordPress website better and help to find out your posts. A sitemap also makes the search engine aware whenever you post new content on your website.



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