Security has been the most essential term for WordPress users since the beginning of its journey. As it is the most popular CMS in the world, hackers choose this platform mostly. You can lose valuable data if you use a weak WordPress protection for your site. As a result, your website can be destroyed affected in SEO ranking. To provide the best protection, it has brought a bunch of security tools to prevent the hacking threads. Today, we enlisted a few popular and essential WordPress security plugins to protect your sites.

Most Popular WordPress Security Plugins To Use

If you search for the best WordPress security plugin on Google or WordPress directory, you will find plenty of choices there. To make it easy, we have researched in depth to find the most suitable one for you. Let’s have a look into our latest WordPress security checklist below!



Tired of living in the constant fear of hackers tearing down your well-built website? Maybe a security plugin is on that additional security measures you need to take. One such leading name in the world of software security is Sucuri. They are primarily known for providing plugin security to WordPress. Although its built-in features secure WordPress, a portion of the level of protection depends on the activities of the user.

Sucuri provides cloud-based antivirus and malware scanning, malware removal, hack repair, brand reputation, blacklist monitoring, and DDoS protection. Customer support is guaranteed when you decide to put your trust in them, not to mention the competitive response time when it comes to answering any query of the customer.

There is also an opportunity for custom configurations which includes but not limited to Network-based Integrity Monitoring Systems (NBIMS), customized service level agreements depending on demand, and professional integration into existing security systems for enterprises.
Sucuri accepts credit cards, debit cards, and PayPal for payments, the customer is sure to get a full refund if they fail to remove any malware due to any reason.

The customer can also place a request for a full refund if they decide to cancel their subscription within 30 days of joining without submitting any malware removal requests for a security plugin. They can also cancel their subscription at any time according to their will by simply submitting a request for cancellation. Any customer who wants to strengthen their website security might find this reasonable due to its flexibility.



Wordfence security plugin is a free provider of software security for the protection of your website from hacking, malware, and viruses. Its threat defense feeds arms Wordfence with the latest firewall upgrades, malware scannings, and weeds out suspicious IP addresses to keep your website safe from any threats in the form of WordPress security plugin.

Apart from the features mentioned above, you can take additional steps such as maintaining regular backups and setting a difficult to crack password for your website. These are the things you get to do for free while setting up a website. However, most of the users are unsure about putting their money into a security plugin without knowing beforehand about the pros and cons of them. Hence, we will walk you through the free features available on this WordPress security plugin, Wordfence for a lifetime!

This service includes enabling and/or disabling the core plugin features, providing an additional email address as a back up, adjust firewall behaviours, scan files and directories to detect any unusual activity, check for common threats to the security system such as backdoors, malicious codes, MySQL injection and so on along with the opportunity to monitor live traffic.

The premium version of Wordfence starts from 39 USD per year. If you’re unsure of whether you should use this or not, you might want to start with the free version and upgrade to a premium one if that suits you.



Malcare is a WordPress security plugin which provides complete, comprehensive security for the user’s website against online threats. It is a GDPR compliant software which ensures that the server is not overloaded while scanning malware and blocking them from entering the site. The smart cloud scan functioning system of the software comes at 25% of the regular commercial cost.

Malware comes with an inbuilt firewall, protecting from suspicious links, bots, hacks, and cleans the detected malware(s) from the software in less than 60 seconds. One doesn’t have to be an expert in technology to use this WordPress security plugin; hence it is convenient for the general mass to use without facing any difficulty understandably the mechanism of this.

The services of the server includes, apart from the already mentioned points; CAPTCHA security, cleaning up unknown malware, automated malware removal, disabling file editor, protecting folders, changing security keys, disallowing any additional plugins unless allowed by the user, adding other features as newer updates are available and 24/7 access to backups.

Malcare has both a free version and a premium version. The premium version starts from 99 USD per year, but you can select your preferred option by clicking on the subscription menu.



Jetpack is an all in one WP security plugin provider, designed to ensure you get every feature you might need to add that extra layer of protection to your website. This can be used in both free WordPress blogs and self-hosted WordPress blogs. What makes it different from other WordPress security plugins is that it’s more of a host domain for plugins than being an individual plugin itself.

Contrary to some popular myths regarding the server being slowed down due to multiple plugins, it is the quality of the server which matters the most and not the quantity. Since one might not require all the features Jetpack has to offer at once; they can choose to turn off the features which they won’t be using till a particular period. Hence, it is up to your hands to determine the performance speed of the plugin according to your requirements.

Image CDN, site statistics, related posts, automatic publishing, XML sitemaps, site monitoring, publishing by email, brute force attack protection, sidebar customization, social sharing, custom CSS, contact forms, comment enhancements are few of the features Jetpack has to offer. You can get those features for free, to get access to all the features available, you’ll need to buy the 24 dollar program which includes video and tutorial on Jetpack.

iThemes Security


iThemes security is a WordPress security plugin especially known for providing advanced brute force attack protection by banning users who try to break into another website through breaking into the customer’s account. It follows a simple step by step beginners friendly mechanism which enables every sure to grasp the concept of the structure.

As a bonus point, iThemes security will also use their inbuilt security measures to fix the common problems occurring in a website, including the ones that the user might not exist. To get started with the account, the user will need to back up their files and allow file updates. The settings tab will allow the user to customize their security setup on a feature by feature basis.

Simultaneously, there is an advanced tab and a backup tab where the user can find advanced features and create a backup database for their files, respectively. The logs tab and help tab will help the user with including security logs of information and access help from the control center according to their convenience.

The premium version of iThemes can be found at 40% discount if the purchase is made by 31 July 2019 and as an addition, one can avail unlimited licenses on all their premium security plugins.

Wrapping Up

As a webmaster, you should take care of the WordPress security issues of your website. Hackers always try to put the malicious code or anything threatening to your site. You can lose access to your data as well as the login authority. There is no doubt in using a security plugin to ensure the maximum protection of your site. For this, we reviewed some of the most popular and reliable WordPress security plugins. Hopefully, it will help you to get a proper guideline on this. Let us know if you have some other choices. If you think this as a helpful resource, please share with your friends and community. Thanks!

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